April 2016

Lawns will respond very well to aeration ,use machine to create holes and brush in with sand.

Moss has thrived in lawns over winter, an early treatment with sulphate of iron will prove very beneficial. 

Rake out, or for larger lawn hire a scarifier machine, follow on with weed/feed treatment .

Weed control ! Borders , hoe before it becomes a big job, little and often best policy .

Bulbs for summer , plant soon.

Peonies can be purchased as corms now for best value.

Bare root tree planting goes on now until near end april , best value trees at this time of year.

Plant bare root hedges now 

Check stakes and ties on trees .

Prune Roses a.s.a.p.

Lift and devide finished snow drops.

Remove old leaves on Hellebores one of the stars of early spring.

Camelias especially need water and feed now for real quality performance